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English to Bengali dictionary

An English to Bengali dictionary is a reference resource that provides translations from English to the Bengali language. It is designed for speakers of English who want to learn or improve their Bengali language skills. The dictionary typically includes definitions for English words, along with their Bengali translations and pronunciation guides. It may also include additional information such as usage examples, grammar rules, and cultural notes. An English to Bengali dictionary is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to communicate effectively and accurately in Bengali, whether for personal or professional reasons. It can be used as a supplement to language classes, or as a standalone resource for self-study.

Most Searched Word (English To Bangla)

Wondering which English words Bengalis search for the most? Look no further! This section reveals the top 15 English words that Bengalis are curious about. We've listed them alongside their Bengali meanings, making it a handy resource for anyone who wants to bridge the language gap.


কুড়ি , বিশ, ২০



ওহে; আরে; শুনুন

খালি চোখে অদৃশ্য, নগ্ন চোখে, খালি চক্ষু



প্রতিরূপ নকল মূর্তি বা কাঠামো

যৌনসংগম; যৌনসংগম করা; রমন করা ; উপগত হওয়া



ছদ্মনামযুক্ত অবস্হা ; নামহীনতা ; নাম নাই এমন অবস্থা

উপমন্ত্রী; ডেপুটি মন্ত্রী



ভোটদাতা / ভোট দিবার অধিকারী / নির্বাচক / ভোটদাতা


অ্যাম্বাসেডর অ্যাট লার্জ








ব্যথা ; যন্ত্রণা

গিঁট বাঁধা



যৌনসংগম; যৌনসংগম করা;

Why Dictionary ?

Language dictionaries serve as a valuable resource for speakers of a language, helping to ensure clarity, consistency, and accuracy in communication. Dictionaries provide definitions for words, as well as information on pronunciation, grammatical structures, and usage. This helps speakers to expand their vocabulary and understand the nuances of the language. They also help to promote standardization, by providing agreed-upon definitions for words and ensuring that language is used correctly and consistently. In short, language dictionaries are an essential tool for anyone seeking to improve their mastery of a language, and for anyone looking to communicate effectively and accurately in that language.

History Of Bengali Language

The Bengali language has a rich history that dates back over a thousand years. It evolved from Old Bengali in the 10th century and became the dominant language of the region during the medieval period. Under British colonial rule, Bengali underwent significant changes and modernizations, and after independence it became the official language of Bangladesh and a recognized language in India. Today, Bengali is spoken by over 250 million people and continues to evolve and develop as a vital part of the cultural heritage of South Asia. There is a growing movement to preserve and revitalize the language and promote its use in education and society.

History Of Bengali Dictionary

The history of Bengali dictionaries can be traced back to the medieval period, when lexicographers and scholars started compiling lists of Bengali words and their meanings. One of the earliest known Bengali dictionaries is the "Abhidhan Chintamani" written in the 18th century, which includes a comprehensive list of words used in Bengali literature. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the development of Bengali dictionaries was influenced by British colonial rule, as the British introduced new vocabulary and grammatical structures to the language. Today, there are many Bengali dictionaries available in print and online, offering accurate and up-to-date translations for users.

History Of English Dictionary

The history of English dictionaries dates back to the 16th century when efforts were made to standardize the English language. The first English dictionary, "A Table Alphabeticall," was published in 1604 by British lexicographer Robert Cawdrey. In the centuries that followed, the development of English dictionaries was greatly influenced by the works of Samuel Johnson, who published the comprehensive "A Dictionary of the English Language" in 1755. This work became the standard reference for the English language and remained so for over a century. Today, there are many English dictionaries available in print and online, offering a wide range of features and resources for users, including pronunciation guides, usage examples, and up-to-date definitions.

Types Of Dictionary

Dictionaries can be of nine types. They are as follows:

Bengali Language & Alphabet

Bengali language has total 50 letters. They are as follows: